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For nearly six decades, Grant Insurance Agency has provided insurance and benefits to individuals, families, businesses, business owners and their employees across North Texas. Our mission is to help our clients protect themselves, and build a better financial future. We offer tailored, customized packages that safeguard our customer’s assets, and protects them when it matters most. Your insurance needs are unique, so is our ability to meet them.

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We understand that the economic pressures placed on individuals and businesses are very different today than in years passed and can be extremely demanding. With constant changes in the insurance industry, and the struggle to stay well informed, it’s important to partner with a trusted, experienced firm that can keep you moving forward. Our agency has exceeded client expectations for years, offering concierge-level service, a broad range of options, and uniquely designed plans that nurture your goals. Contact us today and allow us to cut through the overwhelming maze of vendors and products, to create a personalized suite of benefits to meet your growing needs.

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