Commercial Insurance

Grant Insurance offers some of the most competitive and robust commercial insurance plans today. We assess your business, evaluate your potential loss, and tailor a plan that fits your specific needs. Whether you are a small firm, or a large business, we create policies blended with the right components so that your assets are protected. Rest easy: We have you covered.

Small Firm Or Big Business, Accidents Happen. We Have You Covered.

Full Coverage Doesn’t Always Mean Your Protected.

Just because you have commercial insurance coverage, doesn’t always mean you are fully protected. Sometimes, it’s the smallest exposures that can do the greatest damage. Your risk management and commercial insurance needs are unique. Grant Insurance offers expertise that is vast, and we produce a powerful combination that blends every aspect of your business into one comprehensive protection plan.

Countless Offerings For Your Specific Business Model And Needs.

Risk Consulting

Grant Insurance offers risk consulting to help ensure your company’s unique needs are guarded at all times. From possessions, profit, and reputation, to your intellectual property and more, we work to address potential risks, discuss if they are insurable, and provide feedback to keep you protected.

Analytics & Data

It’s all about the big picture, and it is impossible to assess where you are and where you are going if you don’t have the metrics to measure it. Through state-of-the-art analytical tools, we collect and measure information so that raw data can be turned into relevant action items.

Industry Insight

Industry and technical expertise is paramount when protecting your assets. We have access to some of the most specialized minds in the industry, where we are able to gain insight and collect the most relevant data, allowing us to collaborate and solve your complex insurance needs.

Claims Support

The insurance claims process can be frustrating. Our in-house claims department ensures your claims are handled effectively, working with your carrier to find an agreeable resolution for even the most challenging claims. We promise to solve the issue fast and in the most equitable manner.

Risk Management

Whether you need insurance for small exposures or protection for large scale problems, it’s important to understand the range of risks you could face. From strategic planning, mergers and acquisitions, to real and intellectual property, we create an expansive risk management plan for your business.

Liability Planning

Many areas of a business can be the target for lawsuits and scrutiny. Why? Because we live in a litigation driven society. That is why liability coverage for your leaders, cyber, fiduciary and employment practices, are in place so that firewalls of security provide peace of mind at every turn.

At Grant Insurance, It’s All About The Details

Grant Insurance Agency has protected small and large companies for decades. From specially crafted insurance plans for the most unique businesses, to enterprise management risk programs for large corporations, we have the resources to identify and protect your operation. We dive into the small details, leaving no stone unturned, so that you can run your business with freedom, and feel confident and rest assured that you are safeguarded. Our goal is to provide you the best cost-effective approach so you can minimize risk, and maximize output. That’s why at Grant Insurance, every detail matters.