HR Consulting

We Put The Human Touch On Your HR Needs

Businesses both big and small rely on Human Resource professionals to handle recruiting, compliance, payroll, benefits, and everything else in between. While even the most successful and accomplished organizations want scalable processes and long-term sustainability, they they don’t always need a full HR staff to ensure this success. Grant Insurance provides companies with cost-effective, progressive HR consultation services that cover a wide scope of project solutions. We begin by assessing your HR needs, and tailoring a plan that outsources some, or all of the HR functions your company needs to be successful.


Finding the right talent is tough, and so is keeping it. Successful businesses stay on top for a reason, and in most cases, that involves people. Your employees are the heartbeat of your business, so it is crucial that you acquire and develop unique talent — and more importantly, retain them. But everyday business stresses, combined with limited resources, sometimes forces you to manage business, rather than proactively recruit. One subset of HR services includes talent acquisition, helping you land the perfect fit. This includes assistance with recruiting and interviewing, background checks, negotiations and offer letters, as well as providing the required hiring documents, new employee orientation, and on-boarding processes.


Technology drives the business world. In fact, so many HR processes can be automated today, that most HR departments look vastly different than years ago. We understand that you need forward-thinking, cost-effective solutions that support your current team, while continuing to improve efficiencies, and maintaining control. Regardless if you are in the market for a completely new platform, or you desire to outsource or automate specific HR functions, we see beyond the software to the people who use it so that we can offer solutions that work best for you.


Managing compliance within your organization can be complex. In addition, multistate enterprises have it even tougher, with a number of rules and regulations that must be adhered to in order to stay compliant. Our team has the comprehensive knowledge and resources to manage these requirements at a granular level, so you avoid risk and are prepared for unforeseen circumstances.

HR Solutions For Your Business

Whether it is staff, technology, or compliance, Grant Insurance has the resources to assist you with your HR demands. Allow us to consult with you so that a plan can be created to fit your specific needs.